D.W's Backpack MishapEdit

===Episode #606===

"Citizen Frensky" / "D.W.'s Backpack Mishap"

Synopsis by George4Browne -- Settle in, grab a drink, this one's loooong..

Comments by: KorraIsBack, Dave,Bloom_dreamlover,DetectiveSokka,Rob, andArthurVision.---- SYBARdbpmh

We open the episode with the camera panning left, to a pool scene. Both D.W. and Arthur are in the pool, D.W.'s wearing her blue water wings. D.W. asks Arthur what they're playing today. Underwater tea party, or slow motion ballet? Binky swims by, and Arthur chuckles loudly. "Me, do ballet? That's a good one!" D.W. doesn't think it's so funny. "You liked doing it last weekend! And your grand jeté is getting a lot better."

:) It's nice to see Arthur hiding from Binky, as opposed to vice-versa, which is usually the case. Arthur doesn't have any reason to hide it though; he should know by now that Binky would think it's cool.

Especially since Binky's such a ballet lover himself.

Anyway, we got the first piece of this episode's education quota, sort of. They give us jeté, but not what it means. Free Translation says that it's French for thrown, which doesn't make any sense.

A grand jeté is a ballet move, George4Browne... The fact that it's getting "a lot better" suggests that not only did Arthur do it last time, but he's been practicing it for a while with D.W.. :)

I hope I can help shed a little light on the subject. A jeté is classified in ballet as a leap in any direction, taking off of two feet and landing on one foot. It's almost like you're "throwing" one foot in order to gain momentum. In short, a "grand jeté" is simply a big leap.

Binky moves on, and Arthur tells D.W. that she has to play with her "old friends" today.

Okay, what exactly is that supposed to mean?

D.W. tries Tommy and Timmy. She says that they can play 'fish' and she'll let them be the sharks. They agree to it, but they have to put on their sunblock first. Both tell the other that they missed a spot. They start squirting the sunblock onto each other, and then commence wrestling.

D.W.: (closing eyes and shaking head) Why did I even bother?


D.W. surveys the pool. She's stuck on her own with nobody to play with, and nothing to do.

D.W.: Boring! I wish something would happen!

Anyone surprised that D.W.'s Mom's nowhere around? No, ok, carry on.

Something does happen. A menacing raincloud appears out of absolutely nowhere. That wasn't what D.W. wanted to happen.

D.W.: Wait! I didn't mean it! I take it back!

As the rain begins to pour, D.W. continues, saying it was only a joke. All the kids at the pool leave in a hurry, stopping first to grab their backpacks. The Reads drive off (in a decidely red station wagon today), but before they can get very far, D.W. shouts for them to turn around. It would seem the backpack she picked up isn't hers!

D.W.: Someone stole my backpack!

D.W.'s in a car seat. That seemed odd to me, but I can't be bothered to go through every other Arthur episode to check whether or not she used a car seat... not at the moment anyway.

I checked #50502 - "You Are Arthur", and it looked like she may have been in one, although I'm not sure. She's sitting next to Kate in that episode. Anyway, they were definitely smart to have her in one (ugly as it is).

I'm the one who mentioned the Arthur commercial, and yes, D.W. was in a car seat. Arthur talked about it specifically. I thought it odd that Kate was not featured.

There's been a lot of big campaigns recently about the importance of them, and radio commercials about how kids her age should be in one. Interestingly enough though, it was mentioned on the club that she was in a recent advertising campaign promoting the importance of seatbelts and child safety seats.


*** D.W.'s Backpack Mishap ***

Muffy reads the title card. That's new this season. It's the 'supersister' card, with a 'tada.'

Written by: Cusi Cram

Storyboard by: Jeremy O'Neill


D.W. notes that her backpack has a 'D' and a 'W' on it, and this one doesn't. Arthur reads what's on this backpack, "Omble". D.W. shakes her head when asked if she knows anyone named "Omble".


D.W.: Little did I know, I was swimming with a pack of thieves..

They (Arthur, Mom, and D.W.) go to the pool office in order to check the Lost and Found. There's a sign on the door.


Mom says they'll have to come back on Monday. D.W. says that's a long time, as today's Saturday. D.W. wonders what she'll do without her glitter, her Mary Moocow, and her Crazy Bus tape, which were in the backpack. Arthur suggests, to D.W.'s disgust, that they could have some peace and quiet.

* * *

In the kitchen, Arthur's rummaging around the freezer. A "Hey!" from D.W. causes him to bang his head against the freezer ceiling.

There's that turkey that's perpetually in the freezer.


SCREENSHOT: If Arthur keeps this up, he'll end up with brain damage like Mr. Haney...

D.W.: Looking for my snowball, weren't you?!

Arthur: For the ten millionth time, I did not take your snowball!

Actually, I think Arthur may be underestimating.D.W.'s now convinced that soemone's out to steal all of her stuff. She asks Arthur to look up "Omble" in the phone book. Arthur, who's eating a fudge popsicle (at least I hope it's fudge) explains to D.W. that "om ble" is just nonsense, and not a real name. This causes D.W. to figure that the only reason someone would write nonsense on their backpack would be if they didn't want anyone to know their real name. She says of Omble, "Sneaky, very sneaky."

  • *

the scene wipes left to D.W.'s room and zooms out from a shot of the suspicious backpack to Nadine on D.W.'s bed. She's looking pretty in a pink dress. Or maybe it's pajamas.

The shot of Nadine in bed was absolutely lovely, never seen Nadine in anything but the petticoat.

That's right, I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've ever seen her in anything other than her 'standard attire.'

D.W.'s going over possible suspects with Nadine. Nadine suggests that Omble could be Emily or the Tibbles. D.W. dismisses Emily as too nice, and writes off Tommy and Timmy as not being smart enough to pull it off. D.W. says that they "need clues!".


J'acuse! I detect a budding Fern here. Fern's first task when trying to solve a mystery: "check the clues." D.W. played the detective back in #50202 - "Nerves of Steal" as well.

D.W. opens the backpack and pulls out a brownish-pink pointed sculpture. Nadine says that it might be a horn. D.W. goes further. A unicorn horn.

Fantasy sequence. D.W. imagines a beautiful castle, amongst clouds, with a


rainbow arcing over the top. Inside the castle, a young unicorn enters a room where her mother is vacuuming the family room.

Mom stops vacuuming. She notices something about her daughter.on her "Fluffy Unicorn".

Unicorn: Sweetheart, where's your horn?

Girl Unicorn (Fluffy): It's in my backpack. But I switched it with D.W.'s. Look


what I got instead --glitter!

She throws the glitter up in the air. The mother makes a horsey sigh, and

comments that this means another trip to the horn store. The third this year.

D.W. immediately dislikes this idea. She says that unicorns don't steal; they're good creatures.

She pulls out of the backpack what looks to me like some popsicle sticks glued together. Nadine wonders if perhaps the Omble uses them to hide his sharp, pointy teeth. D.W. looks in a mirror and imagines. "You're right! They're fang hiders!"

She walks back over to the backpack and pulls out what's obviously a snow-globe. Looking inside it, she observes a tiny wall and tiny mountains. She figures that it must be where Omble lives.

Fantasy time again. Omble, who's a mean-looking aardvark person with a red cape, fangs, and a very large left eye...

...walks up a winding castle path, laughing menacingly, and raises a Mary Moocow toy before pitching it over a castle wall and into a prison of wooden bars. A Mary Moocows that's already there explains, "He fattens us up on snow, turns us into plastic hamburgers, and feeds us to Polly Locket Dolls!" We then see an army of seated robotic-looking Polly Locket dolls raise hamburgers to their mouths.

Ahhhhh! Polly Lockets! We first saw these things back in #40602 - "Prunella Gets It Twice", where the problem of Prunella receiving two of them for her birthday drove the plotline. I could have lived without seeing them again.

Just be glad they didn't eat by swinging their hinged faces open.


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