Season 4 - 401 - 410Edit

This was the first season that I saw as it came out... all of the other episodes I've only caught as reruns up to now.

Season Four is a bit of an oddball season.

I think it's safe to say that this is the weirdest of all the seasons. This appealed to some viewers -- Jasmine Sailing and DetcetiveSokka wrote a glowing review of Season Four which appears on the Soapbox Page.

Personally, I didn't like this season all that much. There were bright spots, but in a lot of these episodes the story started getting away from realistic situations (why I like the show) into weird stuff that couldn't occur in real life... There's also a feeling of playfulness with the writing that could be also seen as "familiarity breeding contempt" to some.

D.W. Tale Spins... and #40401 - "The Contest" are noteworthy -- I like them, but they're pretty far away from a typical episode.</p>

But hey, you might love Season 4. If you wanna review something, or tell me how wrong I am about Season 4... just send your comments and stuff in...

All done: 23/05/2001----

Arthur #401
"D.W.'s Library Card" / "Arthur's Big Hit"
Arthur #402
"Hide and Snake" / "Muffy's New Best Friend"
Arthur #403
"Buster's Breathless" / "The Fright Stuff"
Arthur #404
"The Contest" / "Prove It"
Arthur #405
"The Blizzard" / "The Rat Who Came To Dinner"
Arthur #406
"D.W. Tale Spins" / "Prunella Gets It Twice"
Arthur #407
"Binky Barnes, Wingman" / "To Beat or Not To Beat" with .wav sounds!
Arthur #408
"1001 Dads" / "Prunella's Prediction"
Arthur #409
"What Is That Thing?" / "Buster's Best Behavior"
Arthur #410
"My Music Rules" / "That's a Baby Show!"

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