The Last of Mary MoocowEdit

===Episode #508===

"The Last of Mary Moocow" / "Bitzi's Beau"

Synopsis by KorraIsBack,Dave, &,Harada_Tekken

Images by Dw_divastar

Comments by aardvarky_tarrlok,TheArthurCircus,AwkardLeixia,TXC,Jeriah02,Majordomo_arthur,DetectiveSokka.

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Like several other episodes now, including #10501 -- "Arthur's Pet Business" and #40702 - "To Beat or Not to Beat" this review's got some multimedia in the form of sound files recorded from the TV.George4Browne recorded some sounds from the TV using a portable tape player, and then recorded them onto his computer using a microphone. These sound files are recorded at 11 kHz, and as usual for sound files on this site, these are all recorded in mono. MONOSND


Arthur's talking about D.W. and the Mary Moocow show.

Arthur: If she couldn't watch this show, she'd go crazy... well, crazier...

We see some scenes involving D.W. and the Mary Moocow show:


The one that springs to mind for me is when she's rude to the waitress right in front of Mom -- #40202 - "Muffy's New Best Friend".

While Arthur's explaining about D.W., a modified melody of "Frère Jaques" is being sung by Mary's disciples on the Read family television.

Kids on TV: Mary Moo! When you're with a Moocow, Everyday is new wow, We love you, Mary Moo...

Mary says that it was great, and asks them to sing it again.

Arthur can't take anymore.

He cries (apparently to whomever is filming him): What are you waiting for?! Go to the title card!

So they do.

I believe this is the first time we've heard 'title card' used on "Arthur," and it never would have been used, were they not getting so big with the thing where Arthur knows that he's on television.

* * * The Last of Mary Moocow * * *

Title Card: It's the 'supersister' card, but without any of the cool voiceovers.Sound


I really hope they fired this awful Dietrich Smith...

Written by: Dietrich Smith

Storyboard by: Zoran Vanjaka

The episode opens with a scream that might just be enough to wake the dead. It's certainly enough to bring Mom, Dad, and Arthur running into the living room, where they find D.W. in front the television.

"She's coming," says D.W. in an almost hypnotized voice.

We hear Mary Moocow on the television explaining the details of an upcoming apperance. A deliberately dubbed-in-sounding announcer voice lists the local appearances: Thursday at the Mill Creek Mall in Elwood City, Friday at Petey Pete's Pizzeria.

I think the deliberately low-production-values dubbing is a joke that's been used before -- was it in Toy Story II? I never heard of it.

So of course D.W. has to go to this. We see some scenes of her choosing apparel and the like. (She eventually chooses the dress seen in "#11001- "Arthur's Birthday" and #21901- "D.W.'s Name Game.")

D.W. talks about her idea of living in Mary's barn.

The day comes, and Mom and D.W. leave for this appearance in the family station wagon, much to Buster and Arthur's delight, as they'll be able to watch "Dark Bunny."

D.W. and Mom reach the Mill Creek Mall.

As seen in #40202 - "Muffy's New Best Friend".

Mcmall (1)

As the walk towards the entrance, they observe a string of kids walking away in tears. D.W. tries to comfort them, saying things like "Mary can't see everyone...".

Finally, they reach the door, where Mom finds that she has bad news for D.W. Sound


Arthur and Buster are back at the house, and it's time for Dark Bunny.

The intro for the show plays: In the raindrenched streets of Dark City where the sun never rises, only one person stands between crime and humanity... Mary Moocow!


Huh???!!! That's not right! D.W. changed the channel! D.W. soon chimes in with harsh voice of explanation.

D.W.: Mary couldn't come! All right, the party's over! It's my turn!

D.W. also grabs Buster and Arthur's bowl of popcorn, to their surprise, but interestingly, not their objection.

Meanwhile, Mary's on the TV, explaining that today's epsiode is a very special episode. She asks her disciples if they know why, and then explains, Because it's our last episode! L-A-S-T that spells last...

The "L-A-S-T" song is sung with her disciples to the

melody of "B-I-N-G-O".


Arthur and Buster let up a cheer. D.W. wants to know what it means. Arthur thinks he knows:

Arthur: Mary Moocow is history!

That night, Mom and Dad are tring to comfort D.W. Mom explains that being canceled is what happens to all television shows. Dad reminds her that she has a few videotapes.

Ah, so we know that at least the 'Play' function still works on the Read family VCR, but perhaps not the 'Record' function as evidenced perhaps in #50102 - "Double Dare". I had that problem for a while.

Dad leaves with the parting advice, "Think of all the other fun things you can do now at 3:30." However, this just creates an echo effect, which quickly spirals into the fantasy sequence sound effect...

Music from the "Nutcracker Suite" is playing, but it soon takes a downbeat note. D.W. is sitting at the TV, flipping channels with the remote control, but all they're playing is white noise.

She gets up and opens the door, the doorknob of which now bears a face. She walks outside, and we see that the structures now have faces too. She picks up a basketball which happens to be lying in the driveway and tries to dribble it, but it won't bounce.

D.W. (dejectedly): Come on, we're supposed to have fun!

Basketball: (quickly deflating) Ohhhh, what's fun about it?!

Daisies: Without Mary Moocow, there's only Dark Bunny!

All: Blehhhhh!


Reminds me of the English version of "Spirited Away", but I'm fairly sure that's not part of the subject. The barn with a face looks like the one in "South Park", but that probably isn't right either.

hat next day, Arthur plops down in the chair in front of the television with a bowl of popcorn hoping to watch Dark Bunny. However, D.W. comes up and explains, "Mom says that I get to keep this time until I recover from my trauma!"

Arthur comes out with his usual response -- he starts screaming for Mom. The program that's replaced Mary Moocow begins to play.

A plain looking cat-woman appears on the screen at a desk.

Female Cat Anchorwoman: Hello, and welcome to the first afternoon edition of "Stock Market Today".

She begins to drone on about financial matters.

This is too much for Nadine. She appears on top of the couch and entreats D.W. to turn the TV off.

Nadine: Come on D.W., this is so boring! Let's go out and play!

D.W. is in a sulky mood, and tries to rationalize watching "Stock Market Today".

D.W.: Uh uh. It's not fair. If I can't have Mary Moocow anymore, he can't have Dark Bunny!

Nadine decides to try drastic measures. She does one of her spirals in front of the TV and begins dancing in a Mary Moocow suit.

Nadine: (impersonating Mary Moocow) Hey D.W., Hey D.W., Let's go play, Right away!

D.W.'s not having any of it though.


Ah, blessed Nadine. Our champion of reason, dispensing her wisdom oh so briefly in Season Five. More on her later...

Listening on the television, D.W. hears the cat woman reporting that "...concerned citizens obtained five hundred signatures on a petition. When asked about their actions..." This gives D.W. an idea. She'll start a petition to get Mary back on the air!

D.W. begins her petition and brings it to preschool, getting some of her fellow preschoolers to sign. (Of course, she learned how to sign her own name back in #40101- "D.W.'s Library Card".)

She sets up a booth and yells, "Help bring back Mary Moocow! Only five cents!" Arthur comes and tries to tell her, "You don't charge people to sign a petition!" Nevertheless, it works and D.W. comes back inside with a jar of money, and has one final request.

D.W.: I just need one more signature! If you sign it, I'll let you watch Dark Bunny!

Arthur (hesitating): I just couldn't live with myself I knew I'd been the part of bringing back Mary Moocow!

"Fine!" D.W. gripes, and gets Baby Kate to "sign" instead, with fingerpaint.

D.W. fantasizes about releasing Mary Moocow and her disciples from prison, and Mary singing about how D.W.'s "brought her cheer."

D.W. mails the petition, and sometime afterward a response arrives in the mail. D.W. wants to know what it says. Arthur claims that it says that "Mary Moocow is still canceled. So you should let your brother watch Dark Bunny because it's still on the air." D.W. snickers at this and says that Arthur's funny. Mom begins reading the contents of the letter.

Dear D.W.,

Mary Moocow is very happy that you cared 
enough to circulate a petition on her behalf. 
Can you spell 'happy?'

D.W. is very disappointed with this. However, the letter contains an invitation to visit the studios of Mary Moocow.

So both Mom and Dad this time take her to the studio. As they reach the studio, D.W. cries out, "I think you made a wrong turn somewhere! This isn't Mary's barn!" Mom and Dad explain that Mary's barn is part of a set, and this where it is filmed. Tv12mmcs

Inside, we see someone from the studio giving D.W. a tour. In the background, they're doing the "Stock Market Today" program. The cat lady is droning on and on.

Anchorwoman: While pork products continue to fall, Value Mortgage Company up 1 and 5/8ths...

Thanks George4Browne... Pig people aren't common in Elwood City. The very idea of a pig-person appears to be very amusing to D.W. and Nadine in #12402 - "D.W. Gets Lost".

The studio woman who's been leading D.W. and her parents on the tour points out, "and this where Mary Moocow always had her Moocow soft puppet shows. Have we given you a Moocow soft puppet?"

D.W.'s not interested in any of this. She gets to what she believes is the point of her visit, "This is all very nice ma'am, but I do have a lot to discuss with Mary. So if you could just take me to her?" At this point the scene suggestively veers towards the stock market anchorwoman.

Tour Guide: I'm afraid 'Mary' is very, um uh, busy right now, D.W.

D.W.: "Busy! But that's the whole reason I came out here!"

D.W. loses it.

D.W.: I already have all of this stuff! Arthur was right! He said you were just were just inviting me here to tell me it was still canceled!" (Getting progressively whinier towards the word 'canceled.') Mary! Mary! Where are you?!

D.W. screams over her parents' objections and she runs towards a dressing room.

Mom and Dad: D.W., come back here! Honey?...

D.W. manages to find the dressing room that Mary Moocow would have used. It still has Mary's nameplate on the door. D.W. can read part of the nameplate.

D.W.: Where are you?! Are you here? M-O-O spells moo!

She looks around what was Mary Moocow's dressing room, which is all decorated in cow-print fabric, but nobody seems to in there. Suddenly she hears somebody come in. "Mary?" she asks.

No, it's the cat-woman that's been doing the stock report program. "I'm sorry," she says, and replaces a "PATTY JONES" sign that had been tacked over the one for Mary Moocow. She regards D.W. with interest.

Patty Jones: You're the little petition girl. Mary likes you very much.

D.W.: What have you taken Mary's place?Where do you put her?

Patty: I haven't put her anywhere. Mary just needed a change. We all need a change sometimes, don't we?

D.W.: No, well maybe, no...

Patty: Don't worry. She may very well turn up again someday. And when she does, you'll have the pleasure of knowing your petition had a lot to do with it...


It's at this point that Mom, Dad, and the studio tour guide enter the dressing room. Dad tries to lay down the law.

Dad: You don't just burst in on people's dressing rooms!

Patty Jones doesn't seem to mind though. They begin to leave, and Patty, in the voice of Mary Moocow cries, "Goodbye!" Then, switching back to her normal voice, "I mean, goodbye little girl." D.W. gasps. Mom starts directing her out of the dressing room.

Mom: Come on D.W., it's time to go.

As the walk away from the dressing room, we hear Patty as Mary, again to the tune of "Frère Jaques" singing "Oh D.W., Oh D.W., I love you, Yes I do." "Mary," D.W. says dreamily.

D.W.'s sitting in front of the TV at the living room, enjoying "Stock Market Today".

Patty Jones: Electrolyte Light Systems up a quarter, Hog Foods down 3/8ths, tech stocks...

Arthur walks in, but he tells D.W., "Don't worry, I'm not even going to ask." D.W. gives him a "Huh?" and then says, "That's okay. You can watch your show. I'll see Mary some other time."

At this last sentence, the music plays, indicating that D.W.'s learned an "important lesson." However, it's not quite over yet.

Arthur plops down at the television with a bowl of popcorn. He switches the channel:

Announcer: The 'Dark Bunny' has been canceled so that we can bring you the original, classic episodes of every boy and girls' favorite series, "The Mary Moocow Show."

Arthur (as the music crashes): Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

As Arthur covers his ears and screams, Pal swoops in to claim some of the popcorn he's spilled.

What's with Elwood Cityians (Cityers? Citypeople?) and popcorn? The stuff's about as popular as milk. Note that every time someone's watching the TV in this episode, they've got a bowl of popcorn. And among other episodes, the Brain and Arthur made some in #12102 - "The Perfect Brother."



"The Last of Mary Moo Cow" was an interesting ep, not a very good one though. I don't see the moral to this one (if there even is one.) The whole bit about The Stock Market lady being Mary Moo Cow was pathetically obvious. I wonder what happened to the "Love Ducks?" They must have changed Dark Bunny's schedule because last time I checked, the Love Ducks aired at the same time and we all know how much everyone loves to watch them. Now it would seem Mary Moocow has their timeslot.

Oh boy. All sorts of trouble with this episode. To clarify things, "Dark Bunny" was moved to Saturdays only in #41002- "That's a Baby Show!" That leaves the question of when exactly it got moved back. The "Love Ducks" did get a small reference this season, in #51001- "Arthur's Family Feud" Perhaps they were moved to morning-only timeslot. Why would a station that's been airing episodes of a program like "Dark Bunny" pick up a program like "Mary Moocow?" And why would a station that's been airing "Mary Moocow" air stock market program in its timeslot? Isn't it interesting that Mary's studios just so happen to be located in Elwood City? Argh!

Well, it's the same thing with Krusty the Clown in the Simpsons episode "Krusty Gets Busted".

All of the changing of the lyrics of songs in this episode strengthens this case that "Mary Moo-Cow" is a parody of "Barney the Purple Dinosaur." This has been a common complaint about Barney. That, and her gang of disciples. Why does our normally intelligent D.W. allow herself to watch that show anyway? Although then again, she always seems to fall for Elwood City's stupid commercials.

I know some people will identify with D.W. in this episode. My own personal grudge is with NICK for pulling "The Legend Of Korra," which had only one vote for anything other than "Never Jumped" at "Jump the Shark". (Which I'm afraid may now be defunct...)


For most fans of Nadine, her appearance and amusing Mary Moocow imitation were the highlight of this episode. Perhaps we'll see her in Season Six. There is a song apparently about her on the new CD called "Has Anybody Seen My Imaginary Friend?"

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