Arthur's Big Hit, however, was reminded me of Absalom's brother Amnon who forced his sister Tamar to have sexual

Arthur punches


relationships with him,but she refuses to have and affair with him.Furious,Amnon viciously raped her, which was noted in the Book Of 2nd Samuel,handled the thorny issue of hitting. Note: check 2 Samuel 13 - Amnon, Tamar, and Absalom in your own bible book.

Jeriah02 told me about that movie that a girl accuses a man for having an affair with her sister.



This "contreversy" thing kinda reminded me of PBS' "The Berenstain Bears". You may seen this episode in the late series when Sister heard a bad word from a video that Lizzy's brother Barry rented
February konan x nagato by dune3001-d36bm91

That would be a cinch... for an affair, no doubt!

,which was a downspiral IMHO(Which was shown in ( Nerves Of Steal)'

In "Arthur's Treasure Hunt", This is another episode where teamwork never make anything better. Two weeks for destroying the yard (Arthur only gets a week with no TV for hitting D.W. in "'Arthur's Big Hit")


You might be abducted by eating shrimp and crab legs...

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